Lola Ladae'

Lola Ladae is a singer/songwriter, musician and serial entrepreneur from Saint Louis, MO now based in Atlanta, GA! Her music is based in the genres of Neo-Soul, R&B, Jazz, Rock and Funk. Lola is not only a singer but a performer. Experiencing Lola live is another experience within itself. She captures her audience simply by the way she moves, the words that she speaks, and the energy she puts out during her performances.


Lola Ladae’, travels through your ears with the sort of sultriness that entices your inner spirit. Her songs of love, sex, and anguish typically exist in narratives, similar to Erykah Badu, Jhene Aiko and Ari Lennox, who inspired her and paved the way for her compositions of R&B, Neo-Soul, funk, and jazz.


In addition, Lola is also a smooth bassist, occasionally incorporating her own chords and progressions into her music, hopping in jam sessions or playing for local artists. 


In 2019, Lola founded a Black artist & entrepreneur platform named, The Basement Unplugged that curates intimates concerts conferences and events with a goal of developing and elevating underrated and underground artists and small black owned businesses.

In addition to music, Lola Ladae is a business woman and the current CEO of Lola Ladae LLC, Lolas Love 4 Paws, Lola Fit and The Basement Unplugged. 

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