Lola Ladae'

The voice of St. Louis-raised, Atlanta based neo-soul songstress and songwriter, Lola Ladae’, travels through your ears with the sort of sultriness that entices your inner spirit. Artful sexual empowerment has been the basis of some of the best neo-soul music and Lola has it. Her songs of love, sex, and anguish typically exist in narratives, similar to Erykah Badu, who inspired her and paved the way for her compositions of R&B, neo-soul, funk, and jazz. Lola is also a bassist, incorporating her own chords and progressions into her music. Her debut songs “B-O-O-T-Y” and “Angela” are the definition of neo-soul with a bite.


Experiencing Lola live is another experience within itself. She captures her audience simply by the way she moves, the words that she speaks, and the energy she puts out during her performances. You can also catch Lola on the stage at her own event, The Basement Unplugged, a secret concert series that features live music and art based in Atlanta, GA. 


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