Lola Ladae serves up stimulating sustenance on sizzling new single “In the Kitchen”

Atlanta, Ga.- Cooking up captivating cuisine for the mind, body and soul, R&B singer/ songwriter/ musician Lola Ladae´ caters to all musical appetites with uplifting new single “In the Kitchen.

Seasoned with the eclectic essence of producer/musician Genius Art, Lola sprinkles her soft-spoken alto over breezy, mid-tempo production flavored with airy guitar strums and soul felt snares.

Sharing her radiating recipe, Lola harmoniously dishes up delectable delights of optimism and positivity. She serenades in the song, “Let me show you some self-love/ Mix two

cups of ambition/ Mix two cups of resilience/ Now, have some patience.”

“I literally was in the kitchen making a kale salad, and I was like ‘I haven’t written a song in a long time. I probably should write something. Let me sing exactly what I’m doing now,’” says Lola.

“I wanted to make the song mean something. So I thought, ‘how can you make in the kitchen mean something?’ Though it’s been a journey, I’ve been cooking up blessings for myself.”

Blessed beyond measure, Lola Ladae has been steadily making a mark on the Atlanta music scene over the last few years. A native of St. Louis, Mo., she moved to Atlanta in 2018 after earning a Bachelor’s degree in animal science from the University of Missouri. She was set to enroll in graduate school to become a veterinarian, but instead, she opted to play bass guitar for local band The Tulips. She spent the new two years on tour, playing gigs throughout the United States and in Europe.

In 2019, she founded the Basement Unplugged, black artist and entrepreneur organization dedicated to bringing black artists, black art and live music together. The group hosts various events for the cultivation of talent. It was during these countless sessions with like-minded performers did she develop her own unique style.

A distinct blend of R&B, funk, alternative R&B, rock and jazz, this young vocalist with the old soul pours all her passions into previous singles “Sanity” and the jazz-infused follow-up single “Did You Know.”

Her latest single “In the Kitchen” is a true-to-life testament to the favor she’s received in her music career. With the help of God, he’s been putting me in front of very important people, very important opportunities,” Lola explains. “I'm low-key, cooking up things until they are ready to pop out the oven. Then dinner is ready..”

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