Neo-soul songbird Lola Ladaé rescues herself from heartache on empowering new single “You Deserve It

Atlanta, Ga.-Standing stronger than ever after surviving the myriad of emotions caused by a callous, cold-hearted breakup, singer/songwriter/musician, Lola Ladaé wipes her tears dry, picks up the pieces from her once-shattered existence and even matures to the level of wishing her malicious ex-lover well on sincere new single You Deserve It.

Scheduled for release on April 4 with pre-saves available now, Lola recounts the story of a woman who has been hurt, endured the pains of love lost and is now reclaiming the power that he once had over her.

(Photos by: Au.Courag)

Fully exposing her heart on top of a deep, lumbering bass line that accentuates her velvety soft vocals, poignant piano chords that symbolize a new beginning and a pounding, slow-moving drum track that embodies her inner peace, this soulful survivor is in a much better place than she was before.

In a melodic moan, Lola croons with defiance, “Your biggest mistake and you know it/ I see you watching and hoping/ You cannot have me back/ but I am not mad/ I rooted for you. You deserve it.”

“We’ve all been hurt in some way, and you just want to get over it,” Lola contends. “This song talks about how after all that pain that I went through, I’m not even mad at you. I’ll still speak to you. I’ll still be cordial with you…You deserve everything you want in life...just not me. I'm calling out my ex. I see the tactics he's trying but it won't work this time”

The lyrics for “You Deserve It” came to Lola after going through a bitter breakup. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, she transferred her emotions into a song. She pictured herself later down the road after that pain from his absence had subsided, a point in life where she doesn’t think of him at all anymore.

“It’s a hard pill to swallow to let go,”

Lola proclaims. “It’s a hard pill to swallow that you weren’t the ‘it’ girl for this person you wanted to be with, but you deserve someone better, and so does the other person.”

Known for her heart-touching, neo-soul singles, “You Deserve It” is the latest installment to Lola Ladaé’s ever-expanding musical catalog.

A native of St. Louis, MO, Lola moved to Atlanta, GA in 2018 after earning a Bachelor’s degree in animal science from the University of Missouri. She was set to enroll in graduate school, but instead she decided to

make entrepreneurship and independent artistry her main focus.

After months of nightly open mics and weekly networking events, she was invited to play bass guitar and sing with an all Black woman rock band, “The Txlips”. She spent the next two years on tour with “The Txlips”, playing gigs throughout the United States and in Europe.

Recognized as one of the most unique, inspiring and influential artists in Atlanta, GA, Lola creates music that thrive at the intersection of love, self-love, positivity and sometimes love loss and heartache. A distinct blend of R&B, funk, alternative R&B and jazz, this young vocalist with the old soul pours all her passions into previous singles.

Ladae’s love for music and creativity has spread throughout the Georgia’s artist community in just three short years by way of her organization, “The Basement Unplugged'', an organization that curates eclectic & unique events for the Black creative and Black business owners, her new artist park & event space with partner "Hustle", “Hustle & Lo Studios'' and her involvement as an independent artist & musician in the Atlanta musician scene.

And now with the release of “You Deserve It,” Lola Ladaé is unapologetically vulnerable on this mid-tempo testimony. “Everyone would like to put on a façade that they are not hurting because it’s easier to pretend than it is to show that vulnerability, to show that pain,” she says.

“But when somebody comes out with a song that describes the pain other people have felt exactly like, they can relate! Sometimes you can't find the words to how you feel but a song will speak the exact emotions you feel. I put the emotions that we all feel into words and a melody.”

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Written By: Carlton Wade & Lola Ladae´